How Can Jonathan Elijah Bowers Help You Share Your Business to the World Wide Web?

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We want to share with you a recipe on how you can provide massive results in terms of understanding and building traffic, visits, and clicks on your business website. Everyone wants attention, we get it. Internet attention can be understood as an aspect of search engine optimization because the world wide web runs with large companies such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. People in your geo-location type phrases, terms, and words which are potentially applicable to discovering the services you offer. Of course, either your product or conversion method must be superb in order for search engine marketing to benefit your business so we want to iterate that you must be willing to trust the 6-12 month process in order to attain organic, relevant, and authoritative traffic to your site.

In this blog post we want to share with you about the #1 Fort Worth SEO, Digital Marketing, & Advertising Consultant, Jonathan Elijah Bowers, because his story from rags to riches will inspire you to discover the time-tested methods of blowing up your Internet traffic, permanently.

Jonathan Bowers grew up in south Fort Worth, Texas to two loving parents, Dario Bowers and Elizabeth Gomez. Jon went to Greenbriar Elementary where he was considered a loner, always curious, appreciating the landscape, wildlife, and bits and pieces of nature. English is his first and only language, so he was naturally inclined to loving literature and psychology. More specifically, theology and the reasons to his existence or purpose on the planet was something always in his mind. Fortunately, he was able to wear regular clothes, eat good meals, and join marching band once he attended Southwest High School. He loved attention from females because as most males do his hormones told his brain to validate himself from them. He attended Stephen F. Austin State University to study music and marketing but alas, his stars aligned elsewhere. He dropped out and went back with his mother to read books about agriculture, psychology, history, magic, self-help, horticulture, mathematics, philosophy, music, marketing, advertising, and business success stories. A few years before during college it was after a trip to Conroe, Texas with a few friends he tried hallucinogenic mushrooms and his entire paradigm shifted. His friend, Jacob’s father shared with Jonathan about ClickBank on the Internet and how online traffic can generate income with the proper foundation. This enabled Jon to go home, continue reading, and find mentors. The best in the world of search engine optimization, he found David Mills, Mike Long, Greg Morrison, Joshua Fletcher, Stephen Floyd, Elizabeth Herrera, Gregory Ortiz, and Kotton Grammer. These folks helped provide Jon a recipe on how to understand how to understand building more building blocks in terms of successful conditioning for a perfect world. Jonathan spent years understanding epistemology, also known as the method of how to understand how to understand systems, frameworks, and success conditioning. This is whenever Jon built his first successful business, – 76132.

Trust is important to build healthy friendships, business relationships, and overall success in life. Jonathan understood in order to gain leverage in his market he needed to build trust via competence on the search engines in order for him to pitch his proof elements to other interested business owners. According to Ralph-Waldo-Emerson, located at, “Self-trust is the first secret to success.” one of Jon’s favorite writers inspired him to trust the system laid out by the coaches at because frankly, his financial, relationship, and personal life was filled with failure conditions such as debt, legal troubles, and woman-validation issues deeply rooted in his pre-programmed way of operation. It took Bowers to understand faith, focus, and desire with Jon’s systems involved tending to his foundation, planting more seeds, and mutual trust with fellow man in order to succeed at online money making.

Black and white thinking is a major ingredient to understand how to build success for everyone, like a win-win-win methodology. It is about testing, focusing on what you can know, and acknowledging that everyone’s mind’s, also known as goal-achieving mechanisms gravitate towards grey area thinking or blurriness stacking in order to associate or successively approximate how to know what is true. Jonathan learned this from David, the quintessential Jedi master, aka Yoda.

Search engine optimization helps businesses come together via trust and helps your customers reach out to you in a cost effective and efficient manner. Through testing, linking, social signals, and building proper systems can you build your business to be a six-figure per month business. Proof elements such as Analytics, monthly reporting, communication via calls, and transparency will you be able to continue building within parallel out your life situation. Jonathan Bowers wants to share this information with you because a perfect world with net happiness and abundance for all is the end goal for us on Earth.


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Discover the Motorcycle Parts and Systems within your Vehicle

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The blog has been offline for a about a year due to unforeseen circumstances but fear not for we are back online. This unique resource location is dedicated to information about motorcycle parts, certain types of bikes, and internet information regarding services and products in your neck of the woods. It’s gonna be a little bit before we’re fully back in action because we need to redesign the entire website. This is a tricky situation but we plan on bringing the best, most convertible content for your hungry eyes. While you wait check out this video from YouTube about exotic motorcycles.


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